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Fundoscopy is performed to assess retinal health using a high-power condensing lens along with a slit lamp.  Slit-lamp bio-microscopy or fundoscopy is the first line of examination in almost every vision care exam room. Fundoscopy lenses are used to obtain comprehensive views of the retina while the patient sits at the slit lamp, stabilized by the chin rest. The general rule of thumb is that field of view and image magnification of lenses that have the same design are inversely related. Hence one may prefer a wider field of view for a general exam or a view at the peripheral retina while a lens with high magnification can be chosen for critical inspection and follow up in patients with retinal defects; different lenses serve different and unique purposes in the exam room. The power of a lens determines how far the lens should be held from the patient’s eye in order to obtain a clear retinal image. The image formed is indirect in nature meaning that the retinal image is flipped and reversed. 

All our fundoscopy lenses are made with Volk’s patented double aspheric design, minimizing peripheral image distortion and improving the depth of field. The unique, patented design of the knurling on the lens ring provides a comfortable and stable grip on the lens and facilitates easy lens manipulation. Ever since their inception in 1956, Volk lenses have been the industry gold standard for retinal examination in clinics around the world due to their unmatched optical design, clarity and precision.