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Volk offers a suite of vitrectomy lenses over a range of optical profiles, designed to cater to the full spectrum of vitrectomy procedures with the highest quality Volk optics for the best surgical visualization.Looking to reduce processing time in a surgical environment? Combine the optical excellence of Volk lenses with the comfort of reduced processing time with our indirect autoclavable lens line.Or, learn about our high resolution direct image vitrectomy lenses which utilize a high-index glass to deliver superior image quality. This robust glass type is highly resistant to the rigors of continued steam sterilization and will not deteriorate or discolor. Whether you prefer a no stabilizing ring range of lenses of self stabilizing range, we have lenses that will meet your visualization needs.

Our direct image surgical lenses are available in 7 designs to meet all the visualization needs of a retina surgeon. The SSV® (self-stabilizing) contact element eliminates the need for sutures or rings and provides excellent stability. The compact lens design provides greater spatial access without interfering with instruments.