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Teller Acuity Cards® II, 8 plates (half set)

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The Teller Visual Acuity Cards Half Set includes 8 cards ranging from .23 to 26.0 cycles/cm

 . Teller Acuity Cards ® II are also laminated for maximum durability.

A complete set of Teller Acuity Cards® II consists of sixteen 25.5 x 55.5 cm (10 x 22 inches) cards, each of which has an approximately 4-mm diameter peephole at the center and includes a Blank and gratings from .23 to 26.0 cycles/cm. Fifteen of the cards contain patches of square-wave gratings (vertical black-and-white stripes), approximately 12.5 x 12.5 cm in size, centered on one-half of the card. The gratings have a 50/50 duty cycle (black bar width = white bar width), with a contrast of approximately 60-70%. The left and right edge of each grating is finished with a black or white stripe of 1/2 of the usual width in order to minimize the visibility of the edge of the grating. These 15 cards have the following spatial frequencies (specified in cycles/cm): 0.32, 0.43, 0.64, 0.86, 1.3, 1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 4.8, 6.5, 9.8, 13.0, 19.0, 26.0, and 38.0, with approximately one-half (½) octave difference in spatial frequency between cards.

 Standard visual acuity tests are based on the patient's verbal response. This works well for adults, but an eye examination for children - crucial in supporting a child's proper development - requires a completely different approach.

Teller Acuity Cards ® II allow you to test visual acuity in children without the need for a verbal response. By evaluating the infant's attention to a series of cards containing stripes of varying widths, the specialist can make a reliable and accurate assessment of the child's vision without the complicated and time-consuming clinical examinations that would otherwise be necessary.

Teller Acuity Cards allow you to conveniently perform a child's eye examination in a stress-free office atmosphere instead of in a hospital laboratory. When designing the TAC II cards, special attention was paid to their ease of use. The examination takes only 5 to 10 minutes for both eyes and does not cause any discomfort to the little patient. Teller Acuity Cards may also be useful when examining adults unable to communicate verbally.

Since their introduction in 1986, Teller Acuity Cards ® have been the benchmark for visual acuity testing in young children. Clinical trials have proven the Teller test to be accurate and reliable, and Precision Vision's Teller Acuity Cards ® II are among the best and most valued tools for preferential looking.

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