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The Symbol : CT2207G

Testing frame, capacity: 5 pairs of glasses. vertex parameter

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Universal Trial Frame  (UTF-T4880F)

Dimensions 200*120*65mm

Net Weight 53g

Main Technical Indicators

1.Pd 48 - 80 mm; left and right pupil distance: 24 - 40 mm each; the minimum scale value: 1 mm.

2.Axis scale:left scale: 130 °~ 0 °~ 120 °; right scale: 50 °~ 180 °~ 60 °.The axis scale increases anticlockwise along the axis of the frame, and the marking interval is 5°.

3.Effective internal aperture of frame: Φ 33.5 mm.

4.The number of lenses that can be inserted into the left and right frames: 5 (the front is 3 and the back is 2).

5.Rotation degree of optical axis of lens in inner ring of frame: 360 °

6.The nonparallelism between the optical axis of the lens and the geometric axis of the frame: ≤ 2.5 °.

7.The difference between the optical center and the geometric center of the lens: ≤ 0.5 mm.

8.Displacement of the lens relative to the geometric center of the frame: ≤0.3 mm.

9.Adjustment range of nose pad: adjustable length: 0~25 mm; angle: arbitrary angle. 

10.Adjustable length range of the left and right frame leg: 0~30 mm.

1.Pupil distance knob
2.Pupil distance ruler
3.Pupil height knob
4.Replaceable, adaptive nose pad
5.Lens slot
6.Axis position knob
7.Axis scale
8.Front inclination angle knob
9.Adjustable frame leg length
10.Eye distance scale vetrex

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