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Illuminated CSV1000 panel for testing contrast sensitivity and ETDRS sharpness

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The CSV1000S test is widely used for in or out-of-office screenings and for cataract evaluation. This test presents standard visual acuity from 20/15 to 20/200, two rows of spatial frequencies (6 and 12 cycles/degree), and a real-world driver's scene. The test is useful for cataract documentation as it provides a standard acuity score, a functional acuity score, and a real-world simulation.

This chart can only be used in the CSV1000 Test Instrument Viewer and the CSV1000 HG Test Instrument Viewer.

Dimensions: Width 19.5" x Height 17.5" (49.53 cm x 44.45 cm).

Click here for the 500001 Score Sheet.

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