• Teller Acuity Cards® II, 8 plates (half set)

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Teller Acuity Cards® II, 8 plates (half set)

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Teller Acuity Cards® II, 8 plates (half set)

    For vision testing in non-verbal infants or persons with impaired vision and perceptual problems.

Teller Acuity Set, 8 plates (half set) for preferential looking with VA steps: 20/30, 20/60, 20/100, 20/200, 20/400, 20/800, 20/1600, 20/3200;

equivalent to VA decimal: 0,66, 0,33, 0,20, 0,10, 0,05, 0,025, 0,0125, 0,00625.
    Size: 56 cm (width) x 25 cm (height)


    Legal comment:

    Teller Acuity Cards(R) is a U.S.A. registered trade-mark of the University of Washington and is used under the licence of Precision Vision, Inc., Woodstock, Il. USA. 

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