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no Flange contact design

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Experience wide field, distortion-free visualization of the retina from the nerve head and macula, up to the ora serrata, designed for detection and treatment of retinal abnormalities like peripheral retinal tears, peripheral retinal detachments, giant retinal tears etc. The 30 mm lens surface offers a large, clear image of the retina for accurate and easy placement of the laser spot. The contact surface is designed carefully to provide optimum stability on the patient’s cornea while ensuring patient comfort.

  • Wide-field distortion free viewing
  • Ideal for detecting and treating mid to far-peripheral retinal abnormalities
  • Large lens surface area providing a large working area
  • Available in: Flanged contact, no Flange contact design

 Field of View
Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
160°/165° 0.50x 2.0x
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