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ROTATOR s101 M101, for use in pedagogical offices, SI (sensory integration), graphomotor dysfunctions,

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Rotator S101 - Three types of discs with a diameter of 50 cm, a set of pegs with a container, a set of strings, a set of erasers, a set of rims, a set of exercises, a tripod, a power supply with a transformer to ensure work safety, instruction manual in Polish, a manufacturer's one year warranty.

Rotator M101 / S101 is a low-current device, safe to use.

It has CE certificate.
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Rotator S101 - designed for exercises with children and youth under the supervision of a specialist, e.g. a pedagogical therapist, an AI therapist. Used for therapeutic classes in kindergartens, primary schools, psychological and pedagogical counseling centers.


Working with Rotator complements the standard classes conducted by a specialist. It works perfectly in exercises for graphomotor dysfunction of man. It simultaneously affects vision and the proprioception system. There is a great involvement of children in the exercises carried out at the Rotator. As our tests indicate, some children with difficulty concentrating can work with Rotator for up to 40 minutes.


A device for practicing eye-hand coordination with specialized shields. The main dial with colorful geometric figures equipped with a series of holes designed for static exercises using colored lines and elastics and dynamic exercises using colored pegs and hoops. Additional two colored shields perform the function of spatial vision training and are used to practice improving the accommodation of the eye, following the eye behind a fixed point (eye fixation). Adjustable disc height and angle of inclination allow people of different height to perform exercises. The set includes a description of the exercises prepared by the pedagogical therapist. For those interested, we send examples of exercises using a rotator.


Supporting the development of small motor skills. Shaping attention concentration. Tweezer shaping. Shaping short-term memory. Shaping the iconic representation. Shaping rhythm creation skills. Shaping eye-hand coordination. Supporting the development of geometric intuitions. Supporting the development of sequential and auditory memory. Developing skills to encode and decode information. Shaping spatial orientation in limited space. Strengthening the characteristic features and patterns of basic geometric figures

On-line assembly instructions www.youtube.com/v/tJ1vuVSEWpM

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