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ROTATOR M101, for use in optometric, ophthalmological and orthoptic offices, graphomotor dysfunctions, strabismus therapy

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Rotator central unit, base, black screw for the black dial, power supply, user manual in Polish. Glasses with a red-green filter. A set of 40 pegs in red, blue, white and yellow, with a storage container. Three single discs of 50 cm - disc no. 1, 2, 3.

Target No. 1 - white perforated with impact figures - target for vision treatment, anti-suppression exercises.

Target no. 2 - white and black with a single Wallach ring - for vision treatment and spatial vision training.

Shield No. 3 - blue and red with wallach sets - for vision treatment, anti-suppression exercises.

Seller's warranty 12 months.

Packaging: 60x60x25 cm, weight 8 kg.

CE certified. PDF Document


Rotator M101 - intended for exercises under the supervision of a specialist, among others, in optometric, ophthalmological and orthoptic offices, and centers specializing in strabismus therapy.


Working with Rotator complements standard classes conducted by a specialist. It is perfect for exercising human graphomotor dysfunctions. It affects both vision and the proprioception system at the same time. There is great involvement of children in exercises conducted on the Rotator. As our tests show, some children with difficulty concentrating can work with the Rotator for up to 40 minutes.


A device for practicing eye-hand coordination and for carrying out elements of visual training in children and adults with strabismus. The ability to change the rotation speed of the disc allows you to adjust the difficulty level of the tasks to the current capabilities of the exerciser and to increase it as the user progresses. The rotator is equipped with specialized discs and a set of colorful pins. Discs with eccentric circles allow you to obtain the impression of spatial vision even for people with strabismus who, due to the suppression of one of the eyes, do not have stereoscopic vision. The use of additional filters or prismatic glasses allows it to be used to conduct squinting eye suppression exercises as part of visual therapy. The adjustable height of the discs and the variable angle of their inclination enable people of different heights to perform the exercises. The rotator is easy to install and use. When folded, it takes up little space, which makes it easy to store and transport. For those interested, we are sending sample exercises online.

Online assembly instructions www.youtube.com/v/tJ1vuVSEWpM

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