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Macular Stimulator ( MIT )

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Macular Stimulator

The device for macular vision exercises used the Haidinger Brush phenomenon, helpful in examining and correcting eccentric fixation. People with certain types of strabismus may get used to observing the subject of interest not using the middle macular hole, but the outer retinal area. This is known as eccentric fixation and leads to amblyopia. Yellow Dot Stimulator - a training apparatus used to correct eccentric fixation uses rotating polarizing plates illuminated by bright light. The user looks with one eye through the blue filter (to strengthen the figure of Haidinger), and the other is obscured. The goal of the training is to teach the patient to look at the test object so that the Haidinger figure overlaps with him - then he looks at the test object using the central hole of the retina of the eye. The middle well of the healthy eye has a much better image resolution than other parts of the retina.
Set contains:

Exercise apparatus with a set of shutters.

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