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Herpes Patch transparent patches for cold sores on the lips. One-time use.

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Herpes Patch transparent patches for cold sores on the lips. One-time use.

The package contains 15 pieces of sonic patches (diameter 15 mm), mirror, no latex. Each slice has an individual packaging. Operating time up to 12 hours, for day and night use.

Directions for use:

For best results, apply the patch as soon as you get the first symptoms of cold sores, such as tingling, itching or a burning sensation.

1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry; do not use creams on the surface where you are applying the plaster, which may cause a problem during application; wash your hands thoroughly before applying the patch
2. Tear off a single patch
3. Remove the silicone sealant from the patch
4. Apply the patch over the herpes so as not to touch the active part; use the mirror inside the box for the correct application of the patch
5. Press the patch lightly against the surrounding skin
6. Tear off the white backing paper
7. Replace the patch when necessary; the period of application depends on the user and the prevailing conditions.
Hygienic Precautions:
1. Avoid touching the infected skin surface
2. If you have touched this surface, do not touch your eyes and surrounding area; wash your hands immediately
3. Do not let anyone else use your lipstick, toothbrush, towel or glass
4. This patch is for use in the external topical treatment of cold sores ONLY;
IMPORTANT !! - do not use these patches for diseases of the mouth, mucous membranes or genital herpes
5. You can use the patches with meals.

Medical device with CE.

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